Update #3: Music Production

We always knew people would surprise us with interesting ideas for the Pio One. Audio and video production always seemed to make sense, there are already a plethora of keyboard stickers you can purchase for all manner of softwares for traditional keyboards. Using these as an inspiration, and with the help of a couple of talented musician friends, we decided to delve out of the video game industry and step into a whole new world of music production.

We discovered that there are fairly understandable hotkeys for a lot of these softwares, however they change very much based on which software you are using therefore things that seem quite obvious. E.g. having Quantize on 'Q' doesn't necessarily follow based on what each software package uses as their hotkeys. We figure that people will play around with that hotkeys they want in which position on the Pio One and even perhaps have them all on one side of the keyboard as usually music production is a keyboard + mouse affair and noone wants to be stretching for a Ctrl + P with only their left hand.

Customisation is going to be huge for this sort of field: people have specialties, they have expertise, and they also have keys for tools they have never used before and likely will never use. Cluttering up the keyboard and filling it with every hotkey under the sun probably won't suit most people.  With the Pio One they can tailor it to suit their day-to-day needs and increase their efficiency. We believe that the Pio One could be especially helpful in learning somewhat intimidating softwares by showing exactly what the keys do! Conventional keyboards are simply typewriters, ASCII symbols mean very little when you are working in audio production. I doubt you'll ever hear someone say “I'm going to 'H' that sample real quick” or “it's good, but it needs more 'U'”.

As ever, we welcome feedback for our designs, feel free to contact me at Euan@piodesign.org.