Update 4: Civilization, Starcraft, Terraria

Deciding which games to look into next for the Pio often ends up as a selfish choice. I personally started work on the Pio One keyboard because I wanted something like this myself, the end goal being for me to own one. The success we have had in funding and support has been fantastic and it has opened new avenue in areas such as audio, video, and special needs. Whenever I feel I need to get momentum back and keep myself going and enthused I head back to my passion which is gaming.

Civilization has a special place in my heart. The very first game I ever got on PC was Civilization along with Worms in a double pack, and while Worms was pretty easy to understand as a 5 year old, Civ was really suited to me. I remember building up my Palace in a single city, holding down the Return key to speed up building a totally unnecessary wonder. Only to be bombarded by tanks while I still only had spearmen. From there I played Civ 2 and 3 religiously, skipped CIV 4 before almost throwing my final year of high school as a result of how much CIV 5 I played. On principle the game is very cursor based which is why it works so well on tablets, however I found myself learning any hotkey I could while I was playing it to speed up things. Adding hotkeys for buildings, Units, Wonders and Advisors could really speed up gameplay which we know is notoriously long. One more turn.....

Starcraft was the first E-Sport I ever watched. I remember staying up late watching Jaedong, Flash and Bisu in Broodwar and soon after SC2 was announced and I watched Total Biscuit's casts and explanations and I as hooked. I became a complete Zerg cheeser and thats why the keyset I designed today is based on zerg. What we are aiming for is for the Pio One to recognise which unit you have selected and to change the hotkeys based on that, so for a Drone you can go into build menus, for an Infestor you can use the spells etc. It could be an amazing keyset to watch live as things would change so rapidly and for newer players the numerous hotkeys would be very easy to learn.

Finally Terraria one of my guilty pleasures. I started playing this fairly recently with a couple of friends and failing miserably once we got onto hard-mode. Much like Minecraft the hotkeys are fairly simple and most likely there is quite a young userbase who could see the keyboard for what it is; a simple layout of inputs as opposed to letters, numbers and symbols. The dynamic changing of the 1-9 keys showing which item, as well as the top screen displaying health etc. will make again for a board that will look fantastic on video, even more so than still images.

There are many more games to come as I scroll down my Steam library and a lot more to come from Pio Design and the Pio One.

Any suggestions for video game, or any software layouts are more than welcomed. Contact me at Euan@PioDesign.org