Update #1: World of Warcraft

Looking into a game with a community as passionate and knowledgeable as World of Warcraft's was always going to have to be a careful measure. I missed the boat when it came to WoW, so I asked for support from 1LevelUp (www.facebook.com/LevelUpGlasgow/) a local gaming cafe and they were more than happy to help me build a keyset that would suit the game.

Naturally the first step was to put the skills and spells on the number keys and function keys so there would be no need to hold shift to access spells. The additional hotkeys on the LHS of the board were allocated to mounts and potions and we added separate chat keys for raid, guild, party and whisper for ease of use.

At this point we looked at what you could do with the top screen, I initially suggested having a mini map and maybe a health bar for your character however it seemed that all the great guys helping me out were more interested in seeing the enemies health-bar than their own. From here we added buffs, debuffs and trinkets alongside. 

The exciting stuff we are exploring is having dynamic reactions from the Pio One, keeping track of countdown timers and healthbars etc. this is where the board really could improve your immersion and with a game as notoriously addictive and life changing as WoW the Pio One could be a fantastic piece of kit for those late night (or early morning) raids.